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FMU-09 is field management unit concentrator of BSH2000 AMR system. It can connect various
communication protocol of SSU to BSH2000 AMR system. It has powerful functions of handling data  and communication. Input interface adopts RS485, meanwhile M-BUS is optional when it is used with  RTM-04. Input interface can communicate with the following communication protocol: BASIC M-BUS
Modbus RTUDL/T645CJ/T188-2004EN1434 ect. Output TCP or M-BUS.

Technical Data
Environmental atmospheric pressure: 86kPa106kPa
Ambient humidity: 0%85% RH No Coagulation
Ambient temperature: 5℃~55
Storing temperature: -25℃~70
Maximum length of Ethernet : 100m(UTPshielded Twisted Pair)
Communication: Output TCP/IP and M-BUS; Input RS-485
Output TCP/IP and RS485; Input RS-485
Communication baud rate: Output 10/100Mbps; Input can be set according to the protocol of meter
Rated voltage: DC24V±10%
Rated power: 3.5VA5.0VA
Enclosure protection: IP30
Capacity: RVSP 2*1.0mm twisted-pair cable5 channels, every channel connect with 32 meters, totally 160 sets
Installation methodrail type standard DIN-35mm(35*7.5)

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